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PLON, founded in 1852 by Henri Plon is a leader in France in the field of the political, economy and societal documents. Its prestigious collections count authors such as Claude Lévi-Strauss or Simone Weil, and the works of several French Presidents such as the General de Gaulle, Georges Pompidou, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing or François Mitterrand, as well as titles from women around them, Claude Pompidou, Bernadette Chirac and more recently, Geneviève De Gaulle-Anthonioz. PLON belongs to Editis, the 2nd publishing company in France.


PLON’s literature is famous for the discovering of several writers such as Karine Tuil, Leonora Miano or Ingrid Desjours and as publisher of best-selling authors such as Samuel Benchetrit, Harold Cobert, David Foenkinos as well as Amanda Sthers.


Plon’s non-fiction is famous for the notoriety of most of its authors translated in many countries : Luc Ferry, Frederic Lenoir, Etienne Klein, Pierre Gilles de Gennes and more recently, Raphaël Enthoven, Marc Dugain, Anne Fulda or Elisabeth Roudinesco.