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Publication in France:
07 September 2017

320 pages

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Françoise BOURDIN

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Two ordinary couples who are friends and who, like everybody else, are leading rather unremarkable lives.

Lucas, Clémence and their two young daughters, and Virgile and his partner Philippine, have embarked on the reckless gamble of all living together as one big family. And they are indeed living in harmony and delighting in the tranquillity of their isolated chalet, located at an altitude of 900 meters in the Alps of Haute Provence with stunning views over the Vercors and the Lubéron.And yet, beyond their shared passion for the mountains, long-time friends Lucas, a surgeon, and Virgile, a garage mechanic, originally had nothing in common. When Lucas fell head over heels for Clémence, the pretty young hairdresser from the local region, this was the catalyst which launched them on their adventure, but will this perfect balance survive the return to the region of Clémence’s ex-husband, a violent, possessive and jealous man who has never accepted their divorce and is now determined to take back the woman whom he still considers to be his wife? Personified in this abject individual, Jealousy crosses the threshold of this happy chalet and threatens to contaminate all its occupants…

Once again, Françoise Bourdin, the 6th most-read author in France, excels in the art of telling a story with which we can identify, featuring engaging characters and themes we are all familiar with: friendship, jealousy, a difficult past…


In the space of twenty years, Belfond has published more than 35 books by Françoise Bourdin. They have been translated into English, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Polish and Bulgarian.

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