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Publication in France:
05 October 2017

624 pages

The Last Hyver

Fabrice Papillon

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Imagine a world without men, a world where women would reign with an absolute power...

August 415 AD: in ancient Alexandria there lived the great and worthy Hypatia, who was an outstanding philosopher and mathematician. She was massacred in the street by a raging mob and all her writings were burned, with the exception of a single manuscript: a codex containing the secret of life and of procreation without men. Over the course of the centuries, it has passed through the hands of some of the greatest thinkers, including Leonardo da Vinci, Newton and Voltaire, who devoted themselves to completing the work of the great philosopher. Their research gave rise to the creation of a third sex, the Amazons, whose purpose was to elevate all of humanity to a superior level, without the assistance of men.

July 2018: Hypatia’s disciples are continuing to protect the age-old codex and to perpetuate the knowledge it contains with the goal of finally realizing her vision, but their enemies, including the Inquisition and the mysterious assassins, are ever-present and implacable. The bodies of several young women are found dismembered and burnt to a cinder in Paris. In the view of the brilliant Marie, a trainee investigator and forensics expert in the serious crime squad at 36 Quai des Orfèvres, this vile modus operandi is strangely reminiscent of an ancient rite… Together with the experienced but sullen Inspector Brunier, she scours the catacombs of the capital and stakes out abandoned metro stations in the course of her investigations. But when Marie realizes she is being shadowed by strange men in black cloaks, the enquiry takes a personal turn. What if there is a connection between the young woman and the legendary Amazons?


Fabrice Papillon has worked as a science journalist for twenty years and has produced numerous documentaries. He has published eight popular science books in collaboration with leading scientists such as Axel Kahn. A historian and philosopher by training, with this edifying and consummately handled thriller he returns to his first loves, blending history, philosophy and the very latest scientific discoveries. Le Dernier Hyver is his first novel.

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