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Publication in France:
18 May 2017

320 pages

A la belle marquise

Gérard Georges

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France in the early 1900s. How a small artisanal chocolate factory became a burgeoning and successful business thanks to the marriage of a confectioner’s daughter to a young mining engineer.

In 1889, A la belle marquise was still a very humble mill and chocolate factory. But the newly married Auguste and Clémentine Roussel have ambition and grand ideas. He is a brilliant engineer who has a reputation for succeeding in every enterprise he undertakes. She is the daughter of a renowned confectioner in the centre of France and developed a discerning palette from a very young age. Marshmallows, pralines, sugared almonds and other sweet treats hold no secrets for her. Combining their talents, Auguste swears to create ‘the best chocolate in the whole region’ with subtle spices and flavourings.

How in the space of ten years did their modest artisanal business become the flourishing enterprise A la Belle Marquise, beloved of food lovers and celebrities as far away as Paris and even abroad?

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Gérard Georges is a novelist, poet and short story writer. Presses de la Cité has published his La Promesse d’un jour d’été, L’Ecole en héritage, Les Amants du chanvre, La Demoiselle aux fleurs sauvages and Les Chemins d’améthyste

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