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Publication in France:
03 May 2018

464 pages

I Love You

Barbara ABEL

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To lie by omission, merely out of love. And to become by proxy the worst of murderers.

Let’s meet a woman in love: Maude. After a difficult divorce, she meets the love of her life. A man whose daughter Alice, alas, wages war against him on a daily basis.

Imagine an afternoon spent skiving off school and imagine Maude catching Alice smoking cannabis in her bedroom. The girl begs her mother-in-law not to say anything to her father. Maud sees it as an opportunity to develop a rapport with her and above all to soothe tensions in this new stepfamily, not least because Alice has of course promised her that she’ll never do it again.
After all, what would you have done in their position?

But now fast-forward six months, take the same characters, and add Nicole and Solange, two women buoyed by love but whose lives are going to be wrecked one day when Alice’s addiction causes a fatal accident. And one last thing: spare a thought for the father, who is now finding out that his daughter has been taking drugs for months and that the woman with whom he is sharing his life was aware of it all along... Now answer the question again: what would you do in their position?

The fates of four women collide, entangle and rip apart. Women who are often better at hating than loving.

Because in Barbara Abel’s novels, nothing is more akin to love than hate.


Barbara Abel was born in Belgium in 1969. At 23, she wrote her first play. At 33, her first novel, L'instinct maternel, won the Prix Cognac.Je t'aime is her 11th novel.

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