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Publication in France:
12 October 2017

560 pages

Hysteria Lane

Alex Cartier

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Ambition, passion and pretence are the daily staples of life for Laure, a spirited French woman determined to make it in Hollywood.

After setting up a film PR agency with her best friend Ophélie, the future is looking bright for Laure, not least because she also has a wonderful boyfriend in the shape of the journalist David. However, when David and Ophélie have to go abroad for work, Laure starts to lose her bearings.

She meets a very handsome Canadian actor who has yet to make his breakthrough and, charmed by the young man and keen to please him, she passes herself off as a producer and offers him a role in a non-existent series. Caught up in her own lies, she realises that creating fiction is what she really wants to do and so she decides to mount a project for real. But behind all the glitter, Hollywood is a pitiless world and Laure will need all her charm and ambition to see her project through.

In the same vein as Desperate Housewives and Vampire Diaries, Hysteria Lane is an engaging and torrid love story and a genuine immersion in the Hollywood universe.


For twenty years, Alex Cartier worked for a film studio in the U.S and Europe. He wrote the 3 volumes of Movie Star, a saga published by Belfond translated into Spanish.

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