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Publication in France:
05 April 2018

320 pages

Group(ie) Therapy

Laetita LORENI

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The art of transforming one’s life and finding the path towards well-being and happiness.

Emilie is a 30-year-old piano teacher who has always led a tranquil existence centred around her passion for music. But everything changes when she meets Julio, a successful singer, who promises her the earth and persuades her to accompany him on tour. She falls in love with him and doesn’t doubt him for a moment, never asking herself why he demands so much from her and yet resolutely excludes her from his life. Time passes, and this toxic and humiliating relationship robs Emilie of all her self-confidence. Short-tempered and selfish, Julio has taken everything she has, including her dignity and her money.

A broken woman, this reluctant groupie decides to take her own life. As a farewell gesture, she treats herself to splendid last feast in a chic restaurant. At the end of the meal, unable to pay the bill, Émilie begs the maître d’ to let her play the grand piano in the lounge to pay off her debt. Among the embarrassed fellow diners who witness the scene are two experts in neurolinguistic programming, who propose a deal to her. They will settle the bill, providing she shares her problems with them and participates in group therapy centred on happiness and self-esteem.

Initially somewhat reluctant, Emilie ends up saying yes. Who knows, perhaps she still possesses latent capacities which she can tap into using the techniques of personal development?

A feel-good comedy and an engaging heroine who inspires us to take back control of our own lives.


Born in Paris in 1988, Laetitia Loreni is a television journalist, singer and actress. She studied singing, dance and drama at the École des arts vivants de Paris and went on to do a course at the Actors Studio in New York. Thérapie de group(i)e is her first novel.   

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