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Publication in France:
01 March 2018

224 pages

The Frankenstein Dictionary

Claude Aziza

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A reference book on one of the great modern myths, created in March 1818 by Mary Shelley.

In March 1818 Mary Shelley, the wife of the poet Percy Shelley, published Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus, the story of a scientist who brings to life a creature assembled from dead body parts. A reflection on the excesses of science and on the ambition of defying God by creating life, the novel is above all the source of one of the great myths of modern times, on a par with Dracula, which has inspired the science fiction genre (of which it was one of the precursors), theatre, comic books, video games, and of course cinema.
This is the universe that Claude Aziza, a specialist in popular culture and 19th-century literature, explores from A to Z.


A holder of the agrégation in classical literature and a lecturer at the Sorbonne, Claude Aziza is the author of numerous encyclopaedias on popular culture and literature.

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