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Publication in France:
16 May 2018

496 pages

Family Blood

Michel Bussi

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The new gripping novel by the second best-selling author in France.

My name’s Colin Remy, I’m sixteen and I’m an orphan. At least that’s what I’ve always been told, but personally I’ve never really believed it.

In August 2000, I returned to Mornesey, the little island off the coast of Granville in Normandy where I spent the early years of my life, and everything has descended into madness.

What link can there be between my life and the escape of two prisoners as they were being transferred to a detention centre, spreading panic on Mornesey at the height of the tourist season?

Should I believe the island legends, according to which Mornesey is populated by convicts and their descendants…?

A legendary treasure, the Folie Mazarin, is supposed to be hidden in the labyrinth of underground tunnels dug out beneath the island…

Whom can I trust?

Why am I the only one on the island of Mornesey to have recognised my father?


Michel Bussi is the second best-selling author in France. His books have been published in translation in 35 countries. Sang famille is his 9th book to be published by Presses de la Cité since 2011.

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