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Publication in France:
14 September 2017

304 pages

The Cat Who Goes His Own Way

François Raveau ; Michel Mollard

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For the very first time, François Raveau, the youngest Resistance member to be deported from France, recounts his experiences, including the ‘afterwards’ of the Second World War. His is a distinct and lucid voice: that of an exceptional man, now a psychiatrist and ethnologist, who has never stopped trying to understand history.

François Raveau was 11 years old when the war broke out. He was precocious intellectually, but school didn’t suit him. In 1940, he and his protestant parents began to take part in sometimes lethal Resistance operations. In April 1944, at the age of 15, he was deported to Germany.

In this book, he returns for the first time to the locations of the camps and of his Resistance activities in the Dordogne. His story also takes in the ‘afterwards’: how does one return to a daily live that will never be the same again?

François Raveau has travelled the world and witnessed key moments in history in France, Latin America, the USSR and Asia. He has cared for the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps and the camps of Indochina and was a close friend of Malraux, Gracq, Koestler and Sartre’s psychiatrist, of whom he serves up wonderful portraits.


The author of numerous academic works, François Raveau is a teacher and a doctor of medicine and of anthropology. He is also the founder of the Fondation de la Résistance and a Commander of the Légion d’honneur.

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