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Publication in France:
01 March 2018


Arctic – The Secret History

Dominique Le Brun

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Behind the official story of the conquest of the North Pole lie hidden many hushed-up machinations and dramas, as well as thinly disguised economic and strategic manoeuvres.

People think that the history of the conquest of the North Pole is well-known. And yet even the name is ambiguous: was it a geographic or a military conquest? The various stages in the conquerors’ progress merits critical examination, and this is what Dominique Le Brun, an expert in maritime history and literature, serves up here.


A writer and a sailor, Dominique Le Brun has an enduring passion for polar exploration, where the art of navigation must also embrace techniques for surviving in the extreme cold. People are pushed to their limits in this environment, and the fate of our planet is being played out there.

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