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Publication in France:
16 May 2018

560 pages

As long as the stones stand


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~In 1942, as France is stunned by defeat and more divided than ever,
voices are being raised.
What it Brittany were to become independent? Is it no more than a
pipedream for a handful of delusional people?
Home to the fiercest resistance to the Nazi invaders, and which
took the worst pounding from Allied bombings; steeped in both the
Catholic tradition and Celtic paganism; cherishing the memory of the
pro-Royalist counter-revolution while being a hotbed of Communism:
Brittany, land of liberty above all, is starting to rumble like a volcano
threatening to erupt.
Three brothers will take three different paths, but all three will follow
their path to as far as it will go. The eyewitnesses to their heartbreaking
confrontations are a father who has lost the power to speak
and a young Russian immigrant who has come to tend to him.
Tant que se dresseront les pierres is an ode to Brittany. It asks
important, current questions about a population's identity. Above
and beyond the family saga, it invites readers to look at history with
a fresh eye and to reconsider the present.
Born in Saint Malo (Brittany) and raised by a family rich in stories but somewhat hard hit by history, Marina Dédéyan loves both books and the sea. In her sixth novel, Tant que se dresseront les pierres, she continues to explore the theme of roots and how the past still resonates into the present day.
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« Un tempérament de feu : une joie de vivre et d'écrire. »Version Femina 02/07/2018

« Avec un talent d'écriture éloquent, Marina Dédéyan, passionnée d'histoire s'il en est, mêle des personnages imaginaires, mais qui sonnent vrai, à la grande Histoire. Complètement accro, le lecteur ne peut plus se détourner de son livre. »L'Hebdo du Finistère 24/05/2018

« La Bretagne, terre de liberté et d'indépendance, pétrie de culture celte et catholique, en ressort magnifiée. »Jessica Nelson, Point de Vue 11/07/2018

« Un roman historique passionnant et passionné. »Télé Z 18/06/2018

« Dans ce qui est parfois un huis clos familial, Marina Dédéyan dresse le tableau fidèle d'une époque compliquée et tragique. »Didier Gourin, Ouest France 29/07/2018

« Une bouleversante histoire de famille qui brosse le portrait d'une Bretagne en quête de ses origines. »Ouest France 07/09/2018