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Publication in France:
25 February 2016

208 pages

Why Sherlock is Called Sherlock?

Philippe LOMBARD

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The great heroes of fiction - among them Captain Nemo, Rouletabille, Julien Sorel, Mickey Mouse, Rambo, Antoine Doinel, Albertine, Sherlock Holmes and Blake & Mortimer - are part of our collective memory. But do you have any idea where their names come from?

Did you know that the first name of cinema's most famous archaeologist was in fact the name of his creator's dog? Or that Ian Fleming considered 'James Bond' to be a very humdrum name and that it was borrowed from an ornithologist of the same name?
Philippe Lombard is a journalist who specialises in cinema and television. He has devoted several books to the subject of cinema. He is the author of Grandes gueules du cinéma français, of Répliques de films à l'usage du quotidien (published by Editions Express Roularta) and of L'univers des Tontons Flingueurs (published by First).
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" C'est non seulement drôle mais souvent instructif "L'Avenir 07/03/2016

" Un ouvrage passionant qui nous permet de savoir que Tintin serait issu d'un personnage de Benjamin Rabier un gamin déluré prénommé Martin que sa mère s'appelle Tintin. Intéréssant! "dBD 01/04/2016