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Publication in France:
11 April 2019

220 pages

Pour que le jour de votre mort soit le plus beau de votre vie

Lionel ABBO

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Adolph Goldstein, a man in his 30s, is a successful businessman. His profession can't disappear,
because he deals in death. Someone dies every four seconds in France. A real El Dorado!! Up until now, passing away was a taboo subject, one that didn't adapt to the free market. But now, thanks to Adolph, organizing your own farewell will be as normal as planning a wedding. It's the law of supply and demand. After all, everybody dies, right? So he's going to offer his clients the chance to choose when and how they want to shuffle off this mortal coil. Why fear that ineluctable moment, or submit to its will, when you can decide about every single detail about your leave-taking for yourself? Choose how to die like you choose how to live.
Buoyed by a mission that he believes is a public service, how far will Adolph go to convince and proselytize?
Having started out in production at MTV, then moved on to development for Endemol
France, he is now in charge of both the corporation's and Banijay's digital activities in
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