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Publication in France:
31 January 2019

312 pages

Madame la Présidente

Nathalie SCHUCK

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Everyone knows Brigitte Macron's slender figure, sunny smile and impeccable appearance. A flawless First Lady. But how many people know that within the hallowed halls of the Elysée Palace, she is also Emmanuel Macron's chief advisor, with a highly political role? When he slips up, she scolds him, no holds barred and no beating around the bush. She gets final say on
his schedule, dictating the tempo: she's the real master of the clock, not him. Perfectly at home among the jostling for power in his "court," despite her candid airs, she has a clear-cut opinion about the choice of collaborators, both his personal ones, and his Cabinet's. Brigitte Macron, who agreed to meet the authors of this book within the framework of their investigation, is more than willing to throw her weight in behind her "pet" Cabinet ministers - and she has some - to discreetly support proposed legislation. Far from prying eyes, she has a reserved seat at some summit meetings. The inner circle, the group that's nicknamed "the Mormon club," has had to learn to work with this singular, but precious, spouse with a surprising popularity. A weapon of mass communication. Practically an icon who fascinates with the storybook life of a woman who has gone, in just three short years, from standing in front of a classroom to sitting down to state dinners with the world's most powerful leaders.
Ava Djamshidi has been a political reporter specialized in diplomacy and defense for Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui en France since 2010. She is the author of Coupable d'avoir été violée (Guilty of Having Been Raped, Michel Lafon, 2013) - the film adaptation was selected for the Cannes Film Festival, in the "Un certain regard" category. Nathalie Schuck has been a political journalist and joint editor-in-chief at Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui en France since 2008. Among other books, she co-authored Ça reste entre nous, hein ? Deux ans de confidences de Nicolas Sarkozy (This Is Just Between Us, Right? Two Years of Nicolas Sarkozy's Secrets," Flammarion, 2004).
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