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Publication in France:
06 March 2014

624 pages

The Rocheforts

Christian LABORIE

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1898. One winter night in Nîmes, a newborn baby, Vincent, is left at an orphanage; his birth shrouded in secrecy.

Several years later...Anselme Rochefort, bullying patriarch of a large family, builds his industrial empire on the fabrication of denim that he sells to Levi Strauss & Co. He rents a section of his land to a wealthy farmer, Donatien Rouvière, also at the head of a large family which includes the now adopted Vincent.

An arranged marriage between two of their children is to be the first of many alliances and conflicts. Above all, it paves the way for a sweeping epic of love, greed, betrayal and genuinely shocking family secrets...
Christian Laborie is the author of several novels including Les rives blanches (Presses de la Cité, 2013).
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Avec une écriture claire et directe, des images simples et parlantes, des émotions palpables, Laborie illustre ici une nouvelle facette de la Comédie Humaine à travers une fiction qu'il implante entre Nîmes et Alès.Midi Libre 10/03/2014