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Publication in France:
10 January 2019

192 pages

Le Temps d'apprendre à vivre


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"The nuclear family's heart stopped beating after Nicole disappeared. A deafening silence that kept reverberating. My parents, who had been living in Australia for three years, pulled up stakes, leaving it quickly and definitively. They came to be there for my grandmothers, moving in with them to console them. They're doing their best, but everyone is constantly wondering: why? [...] Because there's nothing to say, one false move can bring everything to a halt. I didn't do it on purpose, I was tired, I hadn't gotten enough sleep. It was nearly noon, I had promised to meet dad for lunch and there I was, still in Pont l'Evêque. A two-lane road in the heavy rain, lousy visibility. My eyes glued to the windshield, my wipers squeaking, and my eyes squinting at the horizon. I was driving way too fast, but I was late, and I didn't want to have to give a note to excuse myself, a note that would lead me to start justifying myself; after my water broke for the child I had left behind in England, I had dried up completely; I've even had trouble squeezing out tears ever since."
Elsa Boublil is a journalist; she produces the radio program "Musique émoi" on France Musique every Sunday. Her first book, Body Blues, is a very personal first-person account of how she acquired resiliency through music. Time to Learn to LIve is her first novel.
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