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Publication in France:
15 November 2018

336 pages

All you have to know about man's sex


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"At a time when we are finding out - or pretending to! - that there are
more testosterone-fuelled men wielding their genitals as weapons
of power and domination than we thought - it might be helpful
to "get back to basics" as they say in politics, by trying to describe
and explore just how our "sexual machinery" - whose extraordinary
complexity most of us are unaware of - actually works.
Nina Brochmann and Ellen Stocken Dahl's remarkably welldocumented
book offering a new vision of female genitals, described
with cheerful complicity.
Yet when you read the bibliography carefully, you realize that there
is nothing equally well-documented and enjoyable about male
genitals, and their ups and downs... let alone their ins and outs!
Which is why the lion's share of this book is devoted to describing our
sexual organs and their private mechanisms, before it gets into how
that fine machinery works, alone or "à deux".
If you can't contain your curiosity, somewhere between dinner and
love-making, make a date with the pages of this book. Feast on
descriptions of our attributes and frolic between the sheets of our
own sexuality. And since the subject is one we like to joke about, you
won't be surprised that its sub-title is :
"The Book that's Got Male Genitals Covered," because this cheerful
- and instructive, hopefully - book aims to help us get to know
ourselves better and to reassure ourselves in our relationships to
Doctor, copywriter, museographer and teacher, Éric Bouhier has been a writer for over a decade.
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