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Publication in France:
14 June 2018

432 pages

The Defense Game


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~In Lyon, a young judge's body has been found beaten to death
under a doorway where she was trysting with her lover. The
police soon focus on him, as his lies as well as other, more
concrete, clues make him the ideal suspect. A well-known
lawyer who is planning to run for mayor, hires David Lucas, a
renowned lawyer, to defend him. Lucas will try anything to get
his client acquitted.
André Buffard carries us away with an extremely realistic
courtroom drama and an exceptional trial experienced from the
inside, from the suspect's questioning to the trial in court. He
offers a precise portrayal of the relations between a lawyer and
the client he's defending, painting an uncompromising portrait
of both the judicial system and the media's role in an affair that
makes headlines. He also explores the lawyer's motivations.
Torn between desires for the truth, riches and power, this book
shows hos win the end, justice is just another game...
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Coup de coeur de l'Isabelle Couriol, Librairie de Paris (Saint-Etienne).Isabelle Couriol, Librairie de Paris - Saint-Etienne [LIBRAIRE] 12/06/2018

« Une enquête menée de main de "maître" ! »Isabelle Couriol - Librairie de Paris (Saint-Etienne), PAGE 12/06/2018

« Et c'est justement le mérite de ce livre, il nous permet de vivre la cuisine "interne" du processus judiciaire avec sa grandeur et ses petites mesquineries. »Maud Guillot, Mag 2 Lyon 01/06/2018

« Cette intrigue, classique et réussie, devient palpitante grâce à la sincérité de son auteur. Passionnant. »Point de Vue 08/08/2018

« Un premier polar réussi. »Le Progrès 09/08/2018