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Publication in France:
14 March 2019

320 pages

L'expérience de la pluie

Clélie AVIT

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Arthur is 6 years old. He lives with his mother, Camille, in a bubble she created just for them. That
way, the world's noise, violence and people can't reach them. Because the slightest encounter, he lightest touch, if it hasn't been anticipated and planned for, could wound them deeply. An outstretched and, a crowded bus, raindrops on their skin...
The way they are affected by Asperger's syndrome completely cuts them off from the world. But they are surviving, since Camille protects them so well from others, whom she perceives as a permanent threat. But one evening, as he's leaving the office, Aurélien crosses their path. A sense of something deeply "true" about the pair pierces his disillusionment with his own monotonous life and its perpetually unsatisfied search for truth. The truth he so craves, and which had seemed inaccessible to him until that instant. But how can he approach this intensely entwined mother and child pair without breaking their fragile equilibrium? And what about them? Are they ready to try a new experience and let him enter their life?
Clélie Avit was born in Auvergne in 1986. She won the 2015 New Talent award for her first novel, Je suis là (I'm Still Here), published by Éditions JC Lattès. It was a best-seller, both in France - with more than 60,000 fans - and internationally, with 24 foreign translations, including England and the USA. She is also the author of a YA fantasy saga, Les Messagers des Vents Messengers of the Wind).
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