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Publication in France:
04 April 2019

300 pages

L'enfant de Garland Road


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Kevin O'Hagan is 63. A failed writer and a widower tortured by the toxic repercussions of a collapsed marriage and a love that had degenerated into a hatred so virulent even death couldn't extinguish it, lives like a hermit, with neither hope nor help, in the wooded hills of Vermont. As he tries unsuccessfully to put an end to his life, he finds himself saddled with the responsibility of his 10-year-old nephew, David, who has just lost both parents in brutal and mysterious circumstances. As the days go by, a real relationship, based on affection and complicity, begins to grow between the old man and the child, enabling them both to gradually start to enjoy life once more. But just as Kevin begins to hope that he may actually have found the antidote to the poison
eating away at his soul, tragedy strikes again. David is kidnapped from school by a dangerous pervert. To save him from unspeakable ordeals, Kevin launches a frantic manhunt that will demand all of his resources and all of his courage, too.
The son of Georges Simenon, Pierre Simenon, born in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1959, worked as a financial analyst and portfolio manager at a private bank based in Geneva before moving, in 1987, to the United States, where he became a lawyer for the film industry in Los Angeles... as well as a diving instructor fascinated by sharks. A real history buff, Pierre Simenon currently lives in New England with his wife and their two children. After a debut novel, Au nom du sang versé (In the Name of the Blood Spilled), written in English and translated into a half a dozen languages, he has written an autobiographical account called De père à père (From Father to Father), which was published in October 2015, making this his third book and second novel.
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