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Publication in France:
06 September 2018

286 pages

Gran paradiso

Françoise BOURDIN

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Lorenzo, an attractive thirty-something with a forceful personality, is also a passionate vet. Years earlier his grandfather bequeathed him some acres of scrubland in the Jura and, with respect for the natural world as his guiding principle, he has now created an amazing natural park on this land to bring visitors closer to animals living in the wild. However, to make a success of this venture, Lorenzo needs to find new sources of funding and so he turns to his father-in-law Xavier, but the latter is reluctant to help him - the two men have always had a stormy relationship, despite the mediation efforts of the whole family...

One day Julia, Lorenzo's childhood sweetheart, reappears in his life and he decides to take her on as a vet. The young woman rekindles feelings in him that he thought were extinct, so much so that he dreams of winning her love again.

This unrequited love is another challenge that Lorenzo has to contend with, along with his stepfamily and the park on which he is expending all his energies. Will this lover of freedom succeed in overcoming all the obstacles before him and making his dreams come true? One thing is certain: he will have to fight if he is to remain master of his own destiny and create his own personal paradise.

Rights sold:
Poland (Dragon)

In the space of 20 years, Belfond has published 40 books by Françoise Bourdin. She is the 6th bestselling author in France and all her books have been sold up to 8 million copies.
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