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Publication in France:
09 May 2019

324 pages

En attendant Boulez


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Entertainment Inc, a Major in culture and entertainment, has just announced the launch of a product that promises to revolutionize the world of cultural economy : the "Chopart" project, a software that uses artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to substitute oneself for the man to create and produce music.
The evening of the presentation of this revolution during a concert at the Philharmonie, the corpse of the star violinist of the moment is found. This is the beginning of an incredible affair that will undermine the hushed environment of classical music. Because follows a series of unexplained deaths and anyone can be suspected ...
This is a complex investigation that will have to lead inspector Jade Valois, in the heart of several
closed circles, between classical music, politics and media.
Former director of Universal Music Classics and former president of the French famous
"Victoires de la musique classique", Yann Ollivier, who has a dark look at an environment
where musical instruments can be turned into weapons of crime, here is his first novel.
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