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Publication in France:
08 March 2018

272 pages

So will you remember?


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One day Aude, 23, is the wife of a famous perfumer in Grasse,
France's capital of perfume. The next - or so it seems - she wakes up
in a hospital bed with partial amnesia. She is informed that she was
found unconscious, on a rarely used footpath. Not far from where
she was found, her husband's car stood empty, with the doors open.
What could have been done to them?
With the help of a psychiatrist, Aude will try to remember what
happened. But does she really want to? If her memories come back,
will Aude have to face an awful truth?
A real page-turner and a great love story set in the sweetly scented
landscapes of Provence.
The author of numerous best-sellers, including L'Esprit de famille, Une femme en blanc, N'ayez pas peur nous sommes là, Au plaisir d'aimer and Voulez-vous partager ma maison, Janine Boissard is one of France's best-loved novelists.
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« Une vraie héroïne hitchcockienne pour le 56ème roman de la merveilleuse Janine Boissard. »Stéphanie LOHR , Ici Paris 04/04/2018

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