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Publication in France:
15 February 2018

656 pages

A Jaze Lover's dictionnary


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Ever since I was 16, when I discovered jazz with King Oliver's Creole
Jazz Band - in which a youthful, 20-year-old Louis Armstrong played
second trumpet - I have never stopped rummaging through, listening
to and discovering new sounds and new forms of jazz music.
Meandering passionately through this private paradise is one of my
great pleasures in life. But music is a mysterious art, and the codes of
certain kinds of jazz can seem impenetrable if you don't arm yourself
with a certain kind of knowledge and curiosity, which I consider the
best of all possible defects.
All that is why I wanted to look at jazz music, my life's passion, in
a different way, and to make this Jazz Lover's Dictionary into a
collection of tales and fates - legends you could say! - of jazz that
I recount in it. The stories of the men and women who made the
music, the places where it was made, the events and the records that
left their mark on the history of this kind of music.
The sixty chapters it contains obviously - and it is in fact, or at least
it seems so to me, this collection's guiding principle - represent a
perfectively subjective selection: my own. You could say that it is my
own private history of jazz. At the end of each story, you will find a
mini-guide with different suggestions (records, books and films to
listen to, read, watch, etc.)
So come sit in on a session with Charlie Parker or John Coltrane, be
an eyewitness to the genius of Louis Armstrong in 1927, or rub up
against the multiple, abrasive dimensions of the music of Thelonious
Monk, one of the greatest pianists and composers of the last century.
Those are just a few of the paths I will point out in this Lover's
Dictionary, through music I have loved intensely, and for so long...
Patrice Blanc-Francard was born in Marseille. At age 17, he started working for a radio station... on the very lowest rung: as a water and coffee boy. Later, as a sound engineer by day, he became a jazz critic by night, contributed to Jazz-Hot, then to Rock & Folk. He was involved
in the golden age of France Inter and Europe 1 radios, where he hosted several programs. He has also hosted music TV shows on television.
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« Un bon livre »Nicolas Ungemuth, Le Figaro 16/02/2018

« Un dictionnaire évocateur très personnel, qui se lit comme un roman. »Didier Pennequin, Le quotidien du médecin 19/02/2018

« ll n'y a aucun besoin d'être un «jazz addict» pour le lire, il suffit d'apprécier la vie, l'imprévisible, «la musique des anges dans un siècle de fer» »
« J'ai adoré ce livre.»
« Un écrivain de talent.»Philippe Labro, CNEWS MATIN 23/02/2018

« Excellent »
« Cet érudit signe un Dictionnaire amoureux du jazz aussi subjectif que passionnant »Olicier Nuc , Le Figaro 14/02/2018

« Une introduction passionnante et passionnée à cette géniale musique. »La voix du Nord 24/02/2018

« Patrice Blanc-Francard publie un fabuleux Dictionnaire amoureux du jazz (...). Une lecture passionnante, fascinante même. »Jean Claude Vantroyen , Le soir 19/03/2018