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Publication in France:
07 September 2017

340 pages

When Sleep Awakens Us, Let’s Sleep To Structure Our Brains

Marc Rey

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No, siestas are not just for the lazy, and early risers are not necessarily the most productive, any more than night owls are the boldest… Dr. Marc Rey, a leading expert on sleep for nearly 30 years, invites us to reconsider these questions, for it is by sleeping that we structure our brains and preserve our health.

What with our out-of-kilter working hours, the mobile phone screens and various tablets in our beds, longer commuting times, the stigmatisation of siestas and all the rest of it, we have gradually altered our way of living over recent decades. Today, sleep has become a public health problem.

For a long time viewed as a passive state and a waste of time, sleep is in reality a period of intense activity during which the brain reprocesses the information acquired during the day and thereby contributes to structuring the brain and memorising things. It bestows psychological, physiological and metabolic benefits on our body.


Marc Rey has a doctorate in neuroscience, is a senior lecturer at the faculty of medicine in Marseille, and is a practising doctor who specialises in sleep issues.