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Publication in France:
05 May 2016


Time is a killer

Michel Bussi

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A terrible car accident, broken lives, family secrets... Once again, Michel Bussi serves us up a gripping detective novel, this time set amid the beautiful scenery of Corsica.

August 2016. 42-year-old Clotilde is spending her holiday in Corsica with her husband Franck and her teenage daughter Valentine. It is the first time she has been back to the island since the terrible car accident in which her parents and her brother were killed 27 years earlier. She was in the car too, but miraculously escaped with her life.

This return to the island plunges Clotilde back into the deepest recesses of her adolescence. She reacquaints herself with her paternal grandparents, Lisabetta and Cassanu, whom she hasn’t seen since the accident. They come from a powerful Corsican family who reign supreme over one whole part of the island. The young woman is pleased to be able to introduce them to her husband and daughter, but this immersion in her past is the source of a great malaise.

And then strange indications emerge which suggest that Palma, Clotilde’s mother, might not have died in the accident after all... Could it be that Clotilde is not in possession of the whole truth?

Rights sold:
Germany (Aufbau), Italy (E/O), Poland (Swiat Ksiazki), Slovenia (Ucila)


Michel Bussi is a professor of geopolitics. His works have been translated in 31 countries. Le temps est assassin is his 6th novel published by Presses de la Cité since 2011.

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