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Publication in France:
07 September 2017

288 pages


Agnès Michaux

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A story in which crime and vengeance form an eternal tandem.

Éva was a woman who was loved. And that is why she was killed. Her killer is whiling away his days in prison, but not for much longer. For her children Marisa et Paul, the past is irremediable, the present difficult, and the future feels like it is already over, which will soon apply too to the killer’s prison term. But will he then be exonerated of any debt? The justice of society may have an expiry date, but this can never entirely heal the wounds of the collateral victims. Brother and sister contemplate their future in the family home; Paul seems ready to take justice into his own hands, while Marisa is teetering on the brink of madness. Welcome to the heart of a Système where fleeing appears to be the only option in order to avoid confronting the demons of the past – and above all of the present.

Moving from the seeming serenity of the carp pond of their childhood home in the south of France to the aridity of a nomad life spent roaming the roads of Africa, Paul and Marisa attempt to calm their inner turmoil by embarking on a never-ending journey.

The story is inspired by the notebooks of Albert Camus describing a world in which the family endures tragedy, men cut off women’s heads and lives are wrecked, but where voyages, dreams and poetry remain within reach.


Agnès Michaux is a writer and translator with numerous books to her credit. Following on from Codex Botticelli (2015), translated into Italian and published by Newton Compton, and Journée exceptionnelle du déclin de Samuel Cramer (2016), Système is her third novel to be published by Belfond.

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