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Publication in France:
07 June 2018

208 pages

Promise Me You’ll Be Happy

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Nature as a means of self-revelation. A novel of self-discovery which immerses us in the heart of a forest in Brittany, and also a fine lesson in sobriety as a means of living in harmony with oneself.

At the age of 27, Gabriel feels that his life has been a failure. Having abandoned his dreams, he finds himself stuck in a rut that leads him nowhere but to his job in an insurance company from his one-bedroom flat in Paris. For seven years, Gabriel has been putting up his cousin Noé who, devastated by the death of his mother and a failed love affair, spends his days playing video games.

On his birthday Gabriel’s life is upended when he learns that his sister Clara and her husband have been killed in a car accident. He suddenly finds himself acting as the guardian of Clara’s daughter Aziliz, who is the only survivor of the accident.


With her simple wisdom that is disconcerting in a little girl of 10, Aziliz calls everything into question, refusing to accept her uncle’s attempts to rationally justify his sham of a life, and pushes him to resurrect his dreams. And so he decides to jack in his life in Paris and, with Noé and Aziliz, in tow he heads for Brittany. Without a penny to his name, anywhere to stay or any clear plan, his only dream is to live self-sufficiently and in harmony with nature. They end up settling down on a plot of land belonging to Gabriel’s family, and there they discover, nestling in the middle of the neighbouring wood, a cottage in ruins. For Gabriel it is the start of a personal journey during which he will discover and transform himself through his connection to nature as he clears the land and renovates his cabin to create a refuge for them, existing on very little and savouring the simple pleasures in life.

A book which encourages us all to discover our natural path, to reconnect with our intuitions, desires and dreams, and to cultivate beauty at every moment…


Célestin Robaglia is 35 years old and devotes a good deal of time to her twin passions of writing and personal development. Promets-moi d’être heureux is her debut novel.

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