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Publication in France:
21 September 2017

368 pages

The New Wise Ones, or How We Are Re-enchanting the World

Arnaud Riou

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Re-enchanting the world by managing with wisdom.

By the author of Réveillez le chaman qui est en vous, which has sold 25,000 copies.

In a career that has blended wisdom with management, Arnaud Riou has realised how essential compassion, humility, authenticity and balance are in the world of work.

These values may often be advocated, but they are rarely put into practice in today’s society. Convinced that it is possible to combine management and wisdom, the author encourages us to open ourselves up to a secular form of spirituality while at the same time repositioning economics so that it is at the service of people. In his view, humanity as a whole is undergoing a radical transformation, the extent of which is not always understood by the corporate world.

A practical book which suggests numerous concrete paths for re-enchanting the workplace.


Arnaud Riou has been studying the pathways of oriental wisdom since 1990. As a life coach, trainer and therapist, he supports groups of private individuals and works with managers within companies. He is the author of Réveillez le chaman qui est en vous (Solar, 2014).

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