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Publication in France:
05 October 2017

336 pages

My Teenager’s Skin

Nina Roos

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All you need to know about pampering skin, with a host of tips and solutions for helping teenagers to take care of their skin!

26,000: this is the average number of selfies that a millennial will take in their lifetime, which works out to roughly 317 snaps a year. Posted on the social networks, these photos expose to view every little blemish, particularly those of the skin, and all this against the backdrop of airbrushed advertising clips and images which promote an unattainable aesthetic perfection. More than ever, healthy skin is a teenage preoccupation which can have an impact on their well-being.

Given the many physical and psychological upheavals associated with this period in life – acne, personal hygiene, hair, sun, sweating, hairiness, eczema, tattoos, piercings, make-up – which demand a specific approach and response, the dermatologist Dr Nina Roos is on hand to offer parents solutions for preventing minor and more serious skin problems and adopting the right approach to help their teenagers look after their skin.


Dr. Nina Roos is a dermatologist based in Paris who is an expert in aesthetic skincare.