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Publication in France:
17 August 2017

240 pages

Menuhin's Last Violin

Xavier-Marie Bonnot

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Rodolphe Meyer, a highly talented violinist, has experienced his hour of glory, performing in the most prestigious concert halls around the world, but those golden days are now over for this musical genius who has lost his great love and has descended into alcoholism…

When he returns to the Aveyron for his grandmother’s funeral, the ghosts of his past catch up with him. The old house is pregnant with memories of his lost childhood, he is surrounded by people he doesn’t know but who know everything about him, and the region is full of legends, including that of Victor, the feral child immortalized by Truffaut. Some claim that he still roams the village and goes to ground in the forest – if you should chance to hear him singing, your days are numbered.

After the funeral, Rodolphe finds that his car has been vandalized and, as if in a bad dream in which his legs refuse to move and he cannot flee, he cannot find anyone to repair his vehicle. And so he finds himself a prisoner of this ancestral estate and of his memories. Several times he crosses paths with a mysterious down-and-out in curious attire-might he be the one who vandalized his car in order to send him over the edge? What is more, this strange creature has taken on the physical appearance of the violinist and become his doppelgänger – his feral self, which he must destroy to save his soul. A poetical, musical and dreamlike novel written in a highly affecting style.


Born in 1962, Xavier-Marie Bonnot is a writer and documentary filmmaker based in Paris. He won the 2016 Prix Cognac for his detective novel La Dame de pierre (Belfond, 2015), published in Italy by Edizioni del Capricorno, and with Le Dernier Violon de Menuhin, his ninth novel, he turns his talents to the literary novel.

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