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Publication in France:
05 April 2018

256 pages

Man’s Best Friend

Frédéric Fougea

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From the wolf to the dog, and from the wild animal to the faithful companion, this book takes us on an exhilarating journey around the world to discover how dogs have become man’s best friend.

Dogs have been sharing our lives for the last 20,000 years.

Before literature and mathematics, the bronze and iron ages, and the birth of agriculture, an unexpected alliance sprang up between man and the grey wolf. These two species helped each other to change and evolve. Wolves learnt how to understand human signals and became dogs. Men learnt how to use the abilities and senses of wolves, they became more powerful, and they changed their way of living.
Dogs have helped us to find food, to travel, to transport our goods, to look after our cattle, to protect us from our enemies, to guide us in extreme climes, and to ward off the dangers of cold and water. And now they comfort us in our solitude and our old age. Over the centuries, they have become our unswervingly loyal ally.

This book retraces the major landmarks in this remarkable encounter
and recounts the amazing adventures and exploits of these remarkable animals, who are true heroes of the human world.


Since winning an Emmy Award for Lords of the Animals, Frédéric Fougea has continued to hone his unique talents as a storyteller in order to highlight our close links with nature.  With 15 years of filmmaking under his belt (Hanuman, Homo sapiens, Animal Kingdom: Let’s Go Ape) mangé mon père), his audiovisual creations have regularly beaten box office records in France and abroad.

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