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Publication in France:
13 April 2017

256 pages

The Magical Power of Dreams

Simone Berno

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The method for decoding dreams in order to know yourself better, make informed choices and take control of your life..

Our unconscious knows things that we don’t know, and dreams can communicate this knowledge to us. This is why the interpretation of our dreams is the ‘royal road’ for entering into
 dialogue with our unconscious and taking our lives in hand.

The deciphering of our dreams is a remarkable tool for guiding us in our choices, giving us insight into a situation, resolving a problem, regaining mental balance and softening the blow of difficult

Simone Berno, who has been a therapist for 20 years, sets out a comprehensive 3-phase programme featuring numerous examples and exercises to help you to transform your life, thanks to your understanding of your dreams.


Simone Berno has been a Jungian psychotherapist for over 15 years. Passionately interested in personal development, she has contributed to websites, spoken at numerous conferences and appeared many times on the radio.

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