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Publication in France:
24 May 2017

450 pages

The Last Unicorn

Tobby Rolland

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A historical intrigue which sweeps the reader up in a mad pursuit from Bordeaux to Erevan, by way of the Vatican and Hong Kong, in search of a secret which is nothing less than the secret of mankind itself.

Why are they trying to reunite the fragments of Noah’s Ark which are dispersed all across the planet? Who, among the mafia of Central Asia, the Turkish, Iranian and Azerbaijani police and the armed wing of the World Parliament of Religions, is really calling the shots? What secret connects the Flood, the Ark, unicorns, the Kurdish tribes of Mount Ararat and the threat
of global warming ?

“This may come as a surprise to the reader, but EVERYTHING in this story is TRUE. Whether it be the accounts of the seekers of the Ark, the scientific puzzle posed by the anomaly that is Mount Ararat, or the revelations about animals like unicorns, the Universal Flood and the Book of Enoch and its angels. I’m not claiming that at the dawn of time a man named Noah or Gilgamesh or Fuxi really did load animals two by two onto an ark... And yet on every continent, mankind retains a memory of this myth and it has inspired some of humanity’s greatest masterpieces, some of which are waymarks on this quest.”


A graduate in political science who has worked as a high-ranking civil servant in several embassies in Central Asia and the Middle East, Tobby Rolland is a specialist in diplomacy, linguistics and religions. He is 53 years old. La Dernière Licorne is his first novel.

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