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Publication in France:
05 October 2017

144 pages

Indian Paludes

Jean-Claude PERRIER

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Though he travelled extensively, André Gide never made it to India, despite the fact that there were many personal, historical and poetic reasons which might have led him there. Jean-Claude Perrier’s imagination has now filled that gap, drawing on Gide’s most contemplative book, Paludes, for inspiration.

And so we find Gide still alive and bound for Pondicherry, where he intends to complete his translation of the works of the mystic poet Kabir. As he explores a country which enchants him, he lets his curiosity guide him and slips into all the temples he comes across.

Although he is a true disciple of Gide, Jean-Claude Perrier nevertheless succeeds in emancipating himself from the master in order to write his Indian Paludes, constantly referring back to Gide’s original while producing a masterly rewriting of it.


Jean-Claude Perrier is a journalist (Livres-Hebdo, Le Magazine littéraire). As both a writer and a seasoned traveller, he has devoted several books to India. He is also the author of André Gide ou la tentation nomade (Flammarion, 2011). He has edited two previously unpublished works by Gide: Le Ramier (Gallimard, 2002) and his translations of the poems of Kabir (La Flûte de l’Infini, Poésie/Gallimard, 2012).

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