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Publication in France:
03 May 2018

280 pages

Hitler’s Dealer and Other Historical Oddities

Véronique Chalmet

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The anecdotes, encounters, strokes of luck and twists of fate which influenced the course of a war and the destiny of a nation or gave rise to a decisive step forward for humanity as a whole.

Some twenty stories, each equally peculiar: how Hitler’s doctor, Theodor Morell, turned him into a cocaine addict, raising the legitimate question of how this drug addiction influenced the Führer’s behaviour by accentuating an already highly aggressive and hate-filled natural temperament; the story of the Hun who wanted to kill Lenin; how two erotomaniac aristocrats discovered the sources of the Nile; the controversy surrounding the death of Tycho Brahe, the 16th-century Danish astronomer who paved the way for the acceptance of the Copernican theory of the solar system; and many other delightful, terrifying or funny tales…

An original approach to revealing the thousand and one facets of history via its less trodden paths


A graduate in history, Véronique Chalmet is a writer and journalist who has published several biographies.

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