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Publication in France:
07 September 2017

304 pages

Growing Up Freely

Ève Herrmann

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How do we help our child to grow up well? To develop their full potential? To become autonomous, creative and confident in their abilities and their choices? To satisfy their curiosity? How do we help them to become happy and fulfilled adults?

A mother of two daughters of 9 and 7, Ève Herrmann passes on all the knowledge she has acquired, and is continuously updating, in the fields of alternative education and neuroscience. Through her observations of her own daughters, she is in a position to share with other parents concrete and inspiring tools to help every child achieve their potential, grow up at their own rhythm, take enjoyment in learning, develop their creativity and find their own path.

An inspiring first-hand account aimed at helping parents to support their children in their development by adapting themselves to their rhythms, thereby revealing their incredible potential.


Ève Herrmann is the founder of Nido, a space devoted to parents and their children which offers exploration and education workshops based on Montessori principles which are tailored to very young children. She is also the author of several children’s books, published by Ricochet