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Publication in France:
08 March 2018

224 pages

The Girl Who Said Fuck

Anne-Sophie Lesage & Fanny Lesage

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The diary of an imperfect young woman who decides to stop beating herself up about things. These zesty chronicles offer numerous tips and straightforward rituals and tools for assuming one’s femininity without inhibitions. Daring to say ‘Fuck’ is something you have to work on… Beyoncé didn’t become who she is in a day!

As we frantically engage in our daily lives, how many of us have not dreamt of taking the pressure off ourselves and giving ourselves a damn break? Of throwing out all the models of perfection, the injunctions and the frustrations? Of ceasing to blame ourselves for everything, and indeed for nothing at all? And of simply feeling good in our own skin? This is the mission that Alice, our imperfect heroine, has set herself.

An engaging and bubbly young woman who has been married for several years and has a permanent job in marketing, Alice nevertheless feels that she is enduring life rather than living it. What with her job, her personal projects and her social life that is busier than a First Lady’s, her daily existence has become a series of to-do lists and long hours spent in the shower continually turning over the worries of the present moment in her mind.

And then one day, having had a who series of run-ins with people (with her husband, her boss, the metro, her best friend and even her mother), Alice ends up in a heap at her doctor’s, who diagnoses a case of over-intellectualising through endless thinking... And so Alice decides to take herself in hand, to put an end to her incessant ruminations, and to start keeping a diary which will serve as her private companion.


Two stars of personal development 2.0, Anne-Sophie Lesage & Fanny Lesage are the authors of Et si vous deveniez l’Héroïne de votre vie ? (pour nous les imparfaites), published by Solar in 2017. Anne-Sophie is an editor at various media outlets and the author of practical guides. Fanny is an event designer, photographer and Instagrammer.

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