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Publication in France:
23 November 2017

208 pages

Fitnext – Bodyweight bodybuilding

Erwann Menthéour

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A comprehensive bodyweight bodybuilding method, suitable for every age and every level, developed by Erwann Menthéour, the inventor of the Fitnext method.

The bodyweight method, which involves using your own bodyweight to develop your body, is ideal for honing your physique, maintaining yourself in peak shape and improving your performance in other sports.

This technique will enable you to achieve very good physical condition and can be practised by anyone from the age of 10 to 75!

This is a precise and well-grounded guide to the bodyweight technique, complete with illustrations.


Erwann Menthéour was a professional cyclist and, in 1999, wrote his autobiography entitled Secret Défonce, a bestseller that was translated into several languages. In addition to 2014’s bestselling Et si on arrêtait de se mentir, he also published La Méthode Fitnext (2011), Et si on décidait d’aller mieux (2015), L’Alimentation Fitnext (2015) and Et si on arrêtait d’empoisonner nos enfants (2017) with Solar.