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Publication in France:
05 October 2017

360 pages

The Dream Blowers

Mireille Pluchard

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17th century, the Cévennes. Will Les Vilette, a line of gentleman glaziers, die out with Elias? An unexpected descendant seals the future of a whole dynasty and stokes the rivalry between clans…

Elias de Vilette, the last bearer of his family name, is faced with a Cornelian dilemma after the death of his wife. He is now the father of little François, the fruit of a liaison with a servant. To confer legitimacy on this bastard would be to contravene the strict rules of the corporation of gentleman glaziers of which he is a member.
However, a later and unexpected second marriage with a young and rich noblewoman is crowned by the birth of another son, this time legitimate. However, the talents and virtues of François will overturn the certainties of Elias and seal the future of an entire dynasty…


Mireille Pluchard is the author of some fifteen novels, including Le Miroir d’Amélie, published by Presses de la Cité.

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