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Publication in France:
23 August 2017

416 pages

Crimes in the Museum


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Detective short stories by Karine Giebel, Barbara Abel, Ingrid Desjours, Dominique Sylvain, Andrée A. Michaud, Nathalie Hug…

They are all thriller writers with a passionate readership. And at the request of one of those readers, Richard Migneault, they have all been brought together to explore a seductive theme: crimes committed in museums.

Museums of art, history, anthropology and science, and museums devoted to the present and the past – no gallery is out of bounds in this collection. As we enter, the hushed atmosphere creates an impression of calm, of almost religious reverence. A sense of peace seems to prevail, and yet we are already on a crime scene in the imaginations of our authors, as the works on display bear silent witness to violence, horror and Machiavellian scheming. Crimes of passion or crimes of greed – no transgression is taboo here.


The European authors: Karine Giebel, Barbara Abel, Ingrid Desjours, Dominique Sylvain, Elena Piacentini, Marie Vindy, Danielle Thiéry, Nathalie Hug, Stéphanie de Mecquenem.

The Quebec authors: Andrée A. Michaud, Claudia Larochelle, Marie- Chantale Gariepy, Martine Latulippe, Geneviève Lefebvre, Florence Meney, Claire Cooke, Ariane Gelinas, Catherine Lafrance.

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