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Publication in France:
21 September 2017

360 pages

The Cavalcade of the Child Kings

Raphaël Delpard

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In 1941 in the Sarthe, three young children who have led a tough existence join a Resistance network. For each of them, it is also a desperate quest for love and recognition.

At the age of 12, for the first time in his life Julien gets a taste of freedom – he flees a life of being shunted around from one host family to another. But the orphan is quickly caught by the gendarmes and taken to an education centre for young delinquents and vagabonds. He finds solace in the company of the older and more mature Tristan, whose Jewish parents have been deported.

One day they manage to escape and they find refuge in Julien’s native region. They hook up with 9-year-old Marie, who has been placed in a family of farmers who mistreat her. Together, the three friends join a Resistance network, but what will be the price of their engagement? Will they have to sacrifice their youth in order to fight the good fight?

An essential and often overlooked chapter in the experiences of young people during the Occupation.


Raphaël Delpard is a filmmaker and novelist who has also published works of history on Algeria: 20 ans pendant la guerre d’Algérie, L’Histoire des pieds-noirs d’Algérie, Les Oubliés de la guerre d’Algérie.

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