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Publication in France:
15 June 2017

300 pages

Bond - The Spy Who We Loved

Frédéric-Albert Levy

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The James Bond series deconstructed by the French expert in the genre, Frédéric-Albert Levy. You’ll never look at 007 in the same way again.

Girls, gadgets, exotic locations, car chases, stunts, witty one-liners – Bond wouldn’t be Bond without all of this. Who can ever forget the appearance out of the waves of Ursula Andress in Dr. No, Oddjob’s lethal bowler hat in Goldfinger, or the Union Jack which opens at the last moment in the pre-credits sequence in The Spy Who Loved Me? It’s precisely to see sequences like this that people have been going regularly (and religiously) to see Bond films at the cinema for the last half a century.

And who has been the best Bond? The very strength of this character lies in his enduring appeal, despite having been played by half a dozen different actors. Each time, he is not quite the same, but not entirely different. He is quite simply part of our cultural landscape.


A teacher of Classics, Frédéric-Albert Levy is one of the co-founders of the film magazine Starfix and has also contributed to the reviews Cinefantastique (USA), L’Écran fantastique, Globe and Photo.

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