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Publication in France:
24 May 2017

336 pages

And I Danced Barefoot in My Head

Olivia Zeitline

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The novel as therapy, encouraging us to follow our intuition: an inspiring story, the keys to discovering the magic of intuition, and an entreaty to live in harmony with oneself.

A characterless meeting room at a major blue chip company. The walls start to spin, and 33-year-old Charlotte, the marketing project manager, cracks up mid-meeting and starts dancing barefoot in front of her colleagues. This is the first alarm bell, and Charlotte quits her orderly office life.

Three years after her burnout, she takes up dancing again – a dream that has been buried deep within her body and mind since the age of 18. But not everything turns out as she had imagined: the unpaid bills pile up, her relationship with Tom, a freelance journalist, gradually falls apart, and her dream seems further off than ever.

But one evening, a little voice in her head warns her that she and Tom are about to split up. Is it fear or intuition? The very next day, Tom leaves her. This the second moment of revelation, and Charlotte can now no longer ignore these inner messages which she is constantly receiving. With the help of Stella, her cello-playing friend, she embarks on a personal journey to converse with this little voice.

She finally allows herself to live her dream and dares to lay her creativity bare, throwing her fears and certainties to the wind.


After qualifying as a lawyer, Olivia Zeitline, who is passionate about art and personal development, decided very quickly to strike out on her own path. She put on a series of contemporary art exhibitions in cultural spaces and then created an online magazine, Réécrire, devoted to art and spirituality, which has 10,000 subscribers and won a prize at the Golden Blog Awards in 2013. In this debut novel, Olivia fuses her talents as an artist, writer and personal development coach.

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