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Publication in France:
02 November 2017

200 pages

26.2 Miles – The Marathon By Those Who Have Run It

Jean-Christophe Collin

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Running a marathon is an adventure. And those who have experienced it remember it forever. They share a common history, whether they’re elite sportsman or amateurs, and form a sort of community.

Intrigued by this community, Jean-Christophe Collin interviewed 30 people from a whole array of social and professional backgrounds about this unique experience. Whether he was talking to the marathon world record holder, a television presenter, the head of one of one of France’s top companies or a state school teacher, all of them said they had felt apprehension at the challenge, had suffered, had hit the notorious wall at 20 miles and had come out of the experience transformed.

We are treated to the confidences of Haile Gebreselassie and Paula Radcliff, respectively the men’s and women’s world record holders, Dominique de Villepin (former French PM), Denis Brogniart (TV presenter), Philippe Crouzet (CEO of Vallourec), Thibaut de Saint Maurice (teacher), Amélie Mauresmo (tennis champion), and many more.


Jean-Christophe Collin, a feature writer for L’Équipe Magazine, is one of France’s top athletics experts.

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