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Publication in France:
16 February 2012

276 pages

A Castle on the moon

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The gripping story of one of the greatest performers of the 20th century through the memories of one of her twelve adopted children...

Everyone knows Joséphine Baker, the international star who, already as a young girl, became famous for her great talent and her legendary charisma. But behind the glitter and success she was also a brave and big-hearted woman who did not hesitate to involve herself in the Resistance during the Second World War.

With her fourth husband, the music conductor Jo Bouillon, she decided to adopt twelve children, all from different nationalities and religions. She raised them all together in a big castle located in the south of France. She dreamt of a utopian community - the Rainbow Community - a dream that revealed itself to perhaps be a little too ambitious. The excessively expensive maintenance of the castle and children's education brought her to the verge of bankruptcy...


Jean-Claude Bouillon-Baker works as a Production Manager. He is the sixth of Josephine Baker's twelve adopted children.

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"(Ce) livre est un témoignage très personnel et presque intimiste sur le parcours et la personnalité de sa mère. Une icône internationale certes, mais dont l'exubérance scénique masquait une sensibilité à fleur de peau."

Philippe Triay, France TV - Culturebox [INTERNET] 09/03/2012

"Un destin exceptionnel et hors du commun d'artiste engagée à redécouvrir, raconté ici à travers 240 pages, avec sensibilité à fleur de peau, par un de ses très proches. Ce portrait émouvant et cette extraordinaire leçon de vie ont tout leur sens aujourd'hui."

Sortiz [INTERNET] 23/02/2012