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Publication in France:
03 November 2016

204 pages

The (First) Nine Lives of Pandora


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~~From Augustin and Clara's Paris in Le Coeur en berne - which remains the author's best-known work - to the figure of the Japanese kamikaze, who has a peculiar resonance in our current age, and Basquiat's New York, Renaud Santa Maria offers up the broad spectrum of his universe, characterised by yearning and the quest for the absolute.

Deeply troubled by that which inevitably awaits us all, the author attempts to identify, through what he calls 'temporary oblivions', what it is that sustains men afflicted by a lucid apprehension of their own destinies. Dreams, beauty, art, love, inebriation, poetry, ideals, humour... And God? And so he seeks that which is capable of keeping men going - and he finds it, with his characteristic humanity and his ability to grasp the universal in human experience.
Renaud Santa Maria is a journalist and writer. He is the author of two novels: La mort est une nuit sans lune (Stéphane Million, 2012) and Le malheur sera ta chance (Belfond, 2015).
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