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Publication in France:
07 November 2002

378 pages

Sur les routes américaines avec Simenon

Michel CARLY

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Urban poetry, endless stretches of road, landscapes that recall the old westerns and sequences from his private life: during those two years Simenon ran into James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Philip Marlow, Edward Hopper... and of course Maigret.
Here is a little-known Simenon: fleeing Europe in 1945 to spend ten vital years in America; getting used to the snows of Canada, the heat of Florida or the desert of Arizona. Simenon discovering new passions, marrying again, tasting the warmth of the señoritas in Mexico and call-girls in New York. Simenon signing contracts with Hollywood; producing some of his most crucial works like Trois Chambres à Manhattan, La Mort de Belle, Lettre à mon juge, as ever determined to observe man in his nakedness, even in these new locations.
Ten years where we see the Belgian novelist delve into the America that invented the transistor, the computer, the beat generation, rock and roll, delinquency and the highway culture.


A specialist of the Belgian author, Michel Carly followed up Simenon's trail in America, investigating the man and the writer in the houses and landscapes, in the American press and many previously unexplored archives. An intriguing narrative- an ?on the road' discovery - a completely new look on a great novelist of the 20th century. Also an irresistible invitation to travel.

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