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Publication in France:
04 June 2015

552 pages

Crime scenes : 60 portraits of notorious killers

Jacques EXPERT

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Every murder committed by every notorious killer is a mystery shrouded in anxiety. Why? How? Even more horrible - could this crime have gone unpunished?
How is it that this crime went before a judge while so many others go without every being solved?

In real life, unlike on detective shows, the end is never written in advance. Motives and how the crime was committed remain at times incomprehensible, even long after the culprit is gone.

It's understandable that each true story recounted by Jacques Expert in this work sweeps the reader into a universe more stunning than the most stunning thriller.

Jacques Expert is the director of programming for the radio network RTL. He is the author of the psychological suspense novel Ce soir je vais tuer l'assassin de mon fils which was adapted into a wildly successful TV movie on TF1.
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